IRB 7600


With several variants, and up to a 630 kg handling capacity, the IRB 7600 is ideal for weighty applications, regardless of your industry. Characteristics such as high available torque and inertia capability, rigid design, and powerful acceleration have earned this market leader its “Power Robot” title.


Key benefits

High production uptime
Short cycle times
Harsh production environment
Flexible integration and production
Consistent parts quality

Key features

The IRB 7600 is ideal for heavy applications, regardless of industry. Typical uses include the handling of heavy fixtures and parts, turning car bodies, lifting engines, in foundries or forges, loading and unloading of machine cells. It can also be used to lift large, heavy pallet layers.

With all these applications the moment of inertia is very high which allows the IRB 7600 to handle heavy and wide parts.

A major challenge with robots handling payloads of up to 500 kg is ensuring the safety for personnel and protecting expensive equipment from the unlikely event of an accident.
As a result, ABB has developed SafeMove2, a safety certified robot supervision solution that allows lean and flexible robotic systems without compromising safety. It includes a host of cutting-edge safety functions, including safe speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges and position and orientation supervision.

LeanID Dress Pack
The IRB 7600 is avalible with LeanID Dress Pack, an option that improves the possibility with many complex wrist movements and where the need for flexibility in changing products is high. 

All combined, collaboration between robots and factory workers or factory floor space savings are possible at a low total cost of investment.


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