Sand Casting

Full range of highly flexible robots and solutions ensure homogenous metal structures and high quality in all sand casting processes.

By adding value and flexibility to the entire process chain, robots and peripherals can lift the productivity in sand casting well into the next level.

Consistency to the Core
The unloading, deburring, gluing, assembly, coating and setting of sand cores are processes requiring excellent consistency and repeatability. Nothing can beat a robot’s precision when it comes to the application of the glue or the immaculate and safe assembly of the cores. Optimized quality, short cycle times and reduced materials consumption are only some of the benefits specialized robots like the IRB 6700 can generate. Pouring liquid metal into the molds is a crucial process in sand casting. It’s an unsavory and unsanitary task in a tough environment. At least for human workers ABB’s FoundryPlus2 robots with class IP67 protection are perfectly prepared to do the job. They ensure the best possible parts quality by performing constant and repeatable pouring processes with optimized cycle times. The results are homogenous metal structures with reduced cavitation shrink holes and one hazardous workstation less in an already harsh foundry environment.


Main applications

  • Core Unloading
  • Core Inserts/Chaplets Loading
  • Core Box Cleaning
  • Core Handling
  • Core Defining
  • Core Deburring
  • Core Coating

  • Core Final Assembly
  • Core Assembly
    • Gluing
    • Tie Rod
    • Screwing
    • Stapling, Nailing
  • Core Setter
  • Core Additional Processes
    • Marking
    • Drilling
    • Inspection
    • Felts placing
    • Filter fitting
  • Moulding
    • Filter Insertion
    • Mould Venting
    • Spacer Insertion
    • Mould handling
    • Ladling and Pouring
    • Decoring
    • Casting Handling



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