Robotic Item Picker


Achieve faultless item and order fulfillment with the Robotic Item Picker - an AI and vision-based solution that can accurately detect and picks items from any unstructured environment. Our pre-configured solution provides an immediate boost of productivity to your warehouse and fulfillment operations across multiple sectors including e-commerce, logistics, and healthcare.

Featuring a robot, suction grippers, and a proprietary machine vision sensor, the Item Picker fully automates complex tasks for a wide range of items including cuboids, cylinders, pouches, boxes, poly-bags, and blister packs, which otherwise require the dexterity and flexibility of humans.


Key features

Proprietary ABB vision software can adapt to changing item dimensions without prior knowledge
Pre-configured and tested system integrates easily into any storage and retrieval solutions
Ability to work both online and offline (permanent internet connectivity not needed)
Enabled with automated stirring and empty bin detection
Multiple equipment options available to suit your needs


Key benefits

Superior performance

Industrial-grade solution offers >99.5 % picking accuracy, reducing errors and improving de-livery times

High Speed

Achieves 1,400 picks per hour at peak rates, enabling businesses to handle more orders with-out investing in headcount or time

Increased Autonomy

Works continuously without any human supervision, potentially reducing cost-per-pick and helping get more orders out, quickly


Picks through a broad range of items and can be modified with different grippers, robots and software to suit customers’ needs.


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