Battery components production and assembly

ABB Robotics is at the forefront of robotic solutions for the electric automotive industry, with a wide range of products and services designed to help manufacturers and suppliers produce battery cells, battery modules and battery trays more efficiently, accurately, and safely.

Fast, accurate and flexible cells and smart systems, supported by our robots, offer the ideal solution for automating battery pack and battery module assembly applications. Our solutions enable faster, more precise, and more cost-effective production of battery trays, as well as better quality control and improved safety for workers.

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What we offer

Battery pack assembly
Battery tray manufacturing

Battery pack assembly


Our Integrated Dispensing Function Package enables adhesives to be accurately applied during the battery assembly process

Thermal Interface

Automated solutions for the application of the thermal interface layers that provide a thermal path between the battery cells.

Flow drill screwing

Automated solutions for flow drill screwing, a method of fastening parts together with the aid of heat from friction.

Battery charging

We offer a range of options for the fast and efficient charging of EV batteries during the manufacturing stage. Including AC and DC options from 3kW to over 360kW


Applications to support load and unload completed battery packs, as well as sorting, packing and palletizing

Battery tray manufacturing

Arc welding

Our modular, standardized robot cells are an established way of providing an optimized solution for robotic arc welding operations

Laser welding

High precision with ABB robots to offer you the flexibility and speed for the right laser technology

Spot welding

Fully configured, ready-to-use spot welding system enabling fast and easy commissioning

Friction stir welding

Solution that delivers improved efficiency and productivity with reduced cycle time and increased uptime

Gluing and sealing

Our Integrated Dispensing Function Package (IDFP) enables easy and cost-efficient gluing and sealing during battery tray assembly

Paint coating

Accurate, high-precision coating ensures improved quality and consistency, whilst the reduction of overspray and waste

3D Quality Inspection

High-precision and high-speed inspection for improved product quality and integrity


Applications to support moving battery trays into testing machines, AMRs, etc.


Solutions for EV battery