Innovative and flexible automation solutions for EV powertrains

We have developed different innovative and flexible automation solutions for automotive manufacturers to fit their electric motor assembly needs. Our robots, functional modules and cells can build smart systems for the final assembly line, including magnetic rotor and stator assembly, quality and leak testing, the Power Electrical Box (PEB) line, as well as the interconnection between stations through AMRs and AGVs.

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What we offer


Our Integrated Dispensing Function Package enables adhesives to be accurately applied during the battery assembly process

Flow drill screwing

Automated solutions for flow drill screwing, a method of fastening parts together with the aid of heat from friction.

3D Quality Inspection

High-precision and high-speed inspection for improved product quality and integrity

Automated logistics

Increased efficiency and productivity through automated and flexible material handling during production


Applications to support load and unload completed e-motors through each part of the process


Solutions for e-motor assembly