Bonding and Sealing

Dispensing process is used to apply various materials (glue, sealant, mastic, foam etc.) on automotive parts. Adhesives create stable joints between the individual parts.

Typical dispensing equipment is composed of a robot, nozzle, dozer and an unloader pump unit. The nozzle is the spraying tool, while the dozer controls the quantity of glue material applied to the part. Robot path & speed is controlled together with the dozer & nozzle to apply glue at correct places, and in right shape & quantities.

Gluing is increasing in all types of automotive bodyshops; also due to increasing in material mix.

ABB has set up the industry benchmark by developing the first integrated dispensing solution (Integrated Dispensing Function Package) which provides outstanding performance results both from a quality and cycle time stand point.
  • Easy joining of different materials
  • Increased stiffness due to the glue in between parts.
  • Does not damage the part unlike welding or piercing.
  • Forms a seal between parts – to block moisture, and helpful in preventing corrosion
  • Helps in reducing noise & vibration of the car body (glue becomes a damping agent).