Robotic Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a non-contact process that uses a laser beam to cut ferrous materials < 6mm thick. This technology is commonly used for upper car and truck body parts, A pillars and B pillars.

For outstanding results, we recommend to use ABB Industrial robots (superior path performance) with our user-friendly laser cutting software ABB RobotWare Cutting.

From individual robotic cells to in-line body-in-white application, call ABB today to discuss your Laser Cutting requirements.
  • High quality of cutting edges
  • Low heat input into the material
  • High processing speeds when working with a variety of work pieces
  • Low investment cost (up to 35% lower investment cost than traditional 5-axis laser-cutting machine)
  • Possibility to eliminate existing operations (eg. in-line cutting of hot stamped parts)
  • Ease of integration and flexibility

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