Core automotive joining technologies

ABB’s solutions for automotive chassis components. We provide modular, industrialized portfolio of globally available cells including tooling for joining technologies such as welding, laser cutting, dispensing, gluing, clinching, riveting and more.

Our expertise covers the main automotive parts manufacturing, from pillars, doors, bumpers (arc/laser welding), cross-car beams, battery trays, frames, axles, seats and exhaust systems.




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What we offer

Arc welding

Our modular, standardized robot cells are an established way of providing an optimized solution for robotic arc welding operations

Laser welding

High precision with ABB robots to offer you the flexibility and speed for the right laser technology

Stir friction welding

Top quality solutions for specific materials offering plenty of advantages

Combo application

Applications cells combined with AMRs automate manufacturing logistics and improve speed and productivity

Digital layer for welding cells

Software suite that enables better business decisions by giving a complete overview of overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and performance

Solutions for manufacturing automotive chassis components

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