High Speed Alignment


Robotic software that increases productivity by 70% and accuracy by 50% for electronics assembly applications

High Speed Alignment is the first software in the market that provides visual servoing technology for 6-axis and SCARA robots. Developed for electronics manufacturing, this unmatched technology reduces cycle times by 70% whilst increasing accuracy by 50% to enable high precision for applications including assembly, alignment of components, picking or placing a work piece in a tool, and placing a part in a fixture.

High Speed Alignment uses one or more cameras and a computer vision system to control the position of the robot’s device or tool relative to the workpiece. Meeting the demand for higher accuracy and faster time to market, the high-speed alignment enables precision of robotic movements to achieve 0.01 – 0.02 mm levels. Thanks to auto-calibration and tuning, deployment time is reduced from an entire shift to just one hour.



Speeds up productivity by 70% in highly accurate alignment applications with 6 axis and SCARA robots
Effortless commissioning with auto-calibration and tuning, reducing deployment time from 8 hours to just 1 hour
Designed for highly precise assembly lines that require 0.01 – 0.02 mm accuracy levels
Easy-to-use software and intuitive user interface, little expertise required to operate the system
Compatible with a wide range of cameras, IRC5 and OmniCore™ robot controllers for high flexibility


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