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Introducing ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus

One common offering for digital end-to-end solutions

ABB AbilityTM is our unified, cross-industry digital capability — extending from device to edge to cloud — with devices, systems, solutions, services and a platform that enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together.

By taking technology to new heights, we will be able to move beyond current connected systems that simply gather data or drive one way control of processes. Instead, we will create industrial operations and machines that are able to learn from massive quantities of real-time and historical data to create powerful insights within seconds. With ABB AbilityTM, which combines deep domain expertise with unmatched connectivity experience, we can use these insights to plan and take actions quickly to help make the power grid, industrial operations and infrastructure smarter, safer, and more reliable and efficient.

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What is ABB AbilityTM Symphony Plus?

While overcoming the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, ABB is able to draw on its long-standing spirit of innovation that represents its roots to the future. Symphony Plus, a pioneer of true digital integration for over 35 years, is being integrated into the ABB Ability portfolio as ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus. The ABB Ability difference is expertise—the kind of deeply relevant knowledge that only comes with experience.

The ease of integration brought about by ABB AbilityTM will open new horizons to be explored and developed. 

Across businesses: integrate, penetrate, replicate

Digital ABB offering

How does ABB AbilityTM Symphony Plus close the loop on every level?

ABB AbilityTM Symphony Plus embodies the essential components of a closed loop system: sense – analyze – act, in a continuous, repetitive way.

Data is collected from the controlled system, the data is analyzed to gain knowledge of whether the system is behaving according to the expectations, and action is taken, if required, to influence the system's behavior to match the expectations. As a result of a closed loop operation, the outcome will meet the set target.

Many Internet of Things (IoT) approaches focus on data collection (sense) and analysis. However, it is to be noted that all the value is finally generated in the physical world. Energy, material, or time is saved, or more is produced. Therefore, the knowledge gained from the analysis has to be put into action, i.e. the improvement has to be implemented.  Only by closing this loop, value is created. 

Bridging the gap between the digital world and the physical world

ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus


The Symphony Plus control system is the benchmark technology to control complex technical systems, sensing, collecting and presenting information.


The people that are responsible for operating the plant are themselves part of a closed loop system. They look at the collected data that is presented on the operator screen, and analyze it (through knowledge and experience) - also in collaboration with ABB experts - to take the necessary actions to run the plant in the desired state.


Maintenance and plant operations can be regarded as closed loop systems. The diagnostic data collected from the equipment and the automatic or human interpretation of the data are both used to determine equipment service or operational changes.


ABB AbilityTM Symphony Plus brings a multitude of advantages over an open loop system

  1. Disturbances in the process can be addressed, the data shows if the outcome does not match the intended target. With the proper control variable in place, the process can meet the target despite the disturbance. 

  2. Changes in the process can be handled with ease. The actions based on the data can address a change and still achieve the intended results.

  3. By increasing the frequency of the collected data, deviations are observed faster, and can be dealt with more quickly.

  4. While off-line, data collection deviations may be observed in the lab or after a quarterly inspection. Continuous data collection may trigger immediate resolution at a higher rate and therefore avoid major deviations.

  5. Control loops can be tuned and optimized.

  6. Analytics parameters can be adjusted to match a changed environment.

  7. Changes observed in off-site cloud based analytics could lead to an optimization of the on-site control loops (e.g. in the control system), leading to an overall optimized system across the layers of the stack.

Closing the loop on every level

ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus turns data insights into direct action that "closes the loop" and generates value


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Designed to work across industries

ABB AbilityTM offerings are designed to work across industries. These digitally enabled industry solutions are fine-tuned based on years of sector and customer insights. 

To find out more about some of the industries ABB Ability is used in, please explore the links below.


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