Symphony® Plus SDe Series Control and I/O

Embracing the future, preserving the past

The SDe Series is the next generation of Symphony® Plus SD Control and I/O products. As the common Symphony® platform of the future, this e-class Control and I/O sub-system has been purpose built to protect customers’ investments by optimizing evolution and extending the life of Symphony Harmony and predecessor systems.

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Evolution re-imagined
Future proof modern architecture
Field proven technology
Symphony® Plus SDe Series Controllers
Symphony® Plus SDe Series I/O
Modular design

Evolution re-imagined

With a one-of-a-kind, innovative design that provides flexible mounting options, the SDe Series enables low risk, low disruption evolution that minimizes impact on process operations.

  • Core principles behind the SDe portfolio are the ability to Evolve – Enhance – Expand 
  • Space fit, pluggable one-for-one replacements preserve field wiring, cabling & termination units 
  • Flexible mounting arrangements support multi-year evolution strategies

Future proof modern architecture

The SDe series extends the useful life of Symphony® Harmony systems by leveraging modern, standards based technology that simplifies integration and enables plant wide digitalization.

  • Standard ethernet backbone reduces lifecycle costs and allows step-wise adoption of new technologies
  • Seamless integration of smart devices enables increased visibility into asset performance
  • Increased data availability improves reliability and reduces overall maintenance costs  

Field proven technology

With an installed base of more than 7000 Symphony® installations, the SDe series continues the tradition by utilizing ABB’s best-in-class control technologies to provide SIMPLE, SEAMLESS, SCALABLE, SECURE™ operations.

This allows easy, risk free reuse of time tested field proven control applications and functions
  • During evolution, control application reuse eliminates the need for re-engineering and significantly decreases commissioning time
  • Uses the same extensive set of field-proven INFI 90 function code algorithms as previous generation controllers
  • Utilizes INFI-net exception reporting for system-wide communication

SDe Series Controllers

As the first controller of its kind, the SPC810e is equally effective for small systems as it is for large complex control applications. Based on best-in-class Symphony® Plus SD technology, and configured with S+ Engineering, the SPC810e continues use of the tried-and-true library of extensive, predefined function codes for easy implementation of complex control strategies and advanced applications.

  • Full compatibility with Harmony Rack and SD Series systems allows cost-efficient upgrades
  • Redundancy support at all levels ensures continuous, reliable operations
  • Intelligent device integration allows device resident information to be used in higher level applications

See all specifications and data for SDe controllers in the Symphony® Plus hardware selector

SDe Series I/O

With a one-of-a-kind, innovative design that provides flexible mounting options, the SDe Series enables low risk, low disruption evolution that minimizes impact on process operations.

See specifications and data for all SDe I/O modules in the Symphony® Plus hardware selector 

Modular design

Purpose-built with maximum flexibility in mind, the SDe series uses a unique concept that allows common components to be installed in multiple configurations. For example SDe controllers can be:

  • Used to directly replace Harmony Rack controllers within a module mounting unit
  • Mounted in an evolution chassis with one-for-one replacement SDe modules
  • DIN rail mounted for system expansions

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