Symphony® Plus MR Series Control and I/O

Symphony Plus MR (Melody Rack) Series controllers, communication interfaces and I/O modules meet the most challenging requirements. The MR Series includes latest version of rack based control, I/O and communication equipment for Melody and Contronic system users. Thanks to its modular design, the MR Series can be easily adapted for a wide variety of plant types and sizes. Supported by an efficient engineering workbench, MR Series control-based solutions contribute to a higher return on assets by improving overall production control, maximizing process availability and minimizing maintenance.

Expand the sections below for details on the MR series or read more in the MR Series Brochure.

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MR Series Controllers

Powerful, scalable controller family designed for maximum computing power and modular scalability. The latest in a long line of proven controllers from the Melody technology, the MR Series PM877 is compatible with all Melody I/O subsystems with simultaneous support for MR Series I/O, S800 I/O and S900 I/O. It includes a 100 Mbps Ethernet port for IEC61850 protocol communication at the controller level, and two redundant PROFIBUS DP lines. MR Series controllers communicate with S+ Operations, S+ Engineering and other higher level applications via a high-speed, high-throughput, and high-security redundant system network.

MR Series I/O

A wide range of I/O interfaces with optionally integrated intrinsic safety (Ex i) design and transmitter power supply. Features such as time stamping with a 1 msec resolution, monitoring, filtering and HART communication are implemented directly in the I/O modules. A large variety of local and remote I/O modules can be combined to form an optimal automation solution. 

MR Series Device Integration

MR Series controllers seamlessly integrate electrical systems, intelligent devices and fieldbus technology using standard protocols such as HART, PROFIBUS DP, and IEC 61850

By providing access to a wide range of intelligent field devices from both ABB and other third-party vendors, each device’s resident information is available for use in control strategies and higher-level applications to produce tighter, more reliable process control solutions and greater awareness to plant performance.


MR Series Soft Controller

Soft controller provides virtual environment for developing and testing of new control or modified control logic strategies. It uses the same control logic as physical MR Series controllers with tested results directly transferrable to the running system.

Contronic Support

MR Series meets the past, present and future needs of its users by protecting their previous control investments while delivering higher performance, reliability, and capacity. Following ABB’s industry standard ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ life cycle policy, the MR Series represents yet another step in the 35+ year contiguous evolution of the Contronic 3, Contronic E and Contronic S system lines by delivering state-of-the-art rack products that are functionally compatible with previous generation products.

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