Symphony® Plus HR Series Control and I/O

The HR (Harmony Rack) Series includes the latest version of rack based control, I/O and communication equipment for Network 90, INFI 90, and Harmony system users. The HR Series meets the present and future needs of its users by protecting their previous control investments while delivering higher performance, reliability, and capacity.  Newest additions to the HR Series portfolio include the integration of intelligent electrical and field devices via HART, PROFIBUS and Modbus TCP communication protocols.

Expand the sections below for details on the HR series or read more in the HR Series Brochure.

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HR Series Controllers

Symphony Plus Harmony Bridge controllers (BRC) are high-performance, high-capacity rack-mounted controllers for discrete and continuous, to batch and advanced control applications. They are fully compatible with the Symphony Harmony and INFI 90 systems.

The BRC410 provides high-speed, robust and real-time communication between Symphony Plus and third-party PLC systems, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and ABB’s 800xA control system. Simultaneous support for HR Series, SD Series and S800 I/O subsystems.

HR Series I/O

Comprehensive rack I/O offering comprised of a variety of traditional analog, digital and turbine specialty modules for integrated turbine control applications with system wide 1 msec SOE time stamping available. Form-fit-function replacements of earlier rack I/O offerings. Available for local or remote rack installation, HR Series remote I/O capabilities are further expanded with use of the SD Series DIN rail mounted I/O products.

HR Series Rotating Machinery

The Symphony Plus Harmony Rack turbine specialty modules address turbine functions in dedicated high speed and high reliability design implementations.

As part of the Symphony Plus Harmony Rack control architecture, this powerful turbine solution benefits from the same technology and infrastructure controlling the rest of the plant.

HR Series Device Integration

HR Series controllers seamlessly integrate electrical systems, intelligent devices and fieldbus technology using standard protocols such as HART, PROFIBUS DP, and Modbus TCP and RTU.

By providing access to a wide range of intelligent field devices from both ABB and other third-party vendors, each device’s resident information is available for use in control strategies and higher-level applications to produce tighter, more reliable process control solutions and greater awareness to plant performance.

HR Series Modular Power System IV

ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus HR Series Modular Power System IV supplies DC power to rack components of the Symphony Plus HR Series as well as Harmony and INFI 90 control systems.


The Modular Power System IV provides 5 VDC, 15 VDC, –15 VDC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC, and 125 VDC operating voltages to controller, I/O, controller, and communications modules as well as power to operate field devices. Enhanced reliability and availability is ensured with modern component design, 2N power redudancy, advanced redundant PFI monitoring and bumpless switchover. It directly accepts 110/240 VAC or 110/220 VDC inputs power with no switches or jumpers to set.

The Modular Power System IV bases can be installed on drilled metal panel, or two horizontal DIN rails installed in cabinet. With its compact modular design and ability to be mounted on both front and back side of cabinet, the Modular Power System IV offering delivers a smaller footprint than previous rack power supply solutions.

HR Series Soft Controller

Soft controller provides virtual environment for developing and testing of new control or modified control logic strategies. It uses the same control logic as physical HR Series controllers with tested results directly transferrable to the running system.

Harmony / INFI 90 Support

HR Series meets the past, present and future needs of its users by protecting their previous control investments while delivering higher performance, reliability, and capacity. Following ABB’s industry standard ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ life cycle policy, the HR Series represents yet another step in the 35+ year contiguous evolution of the Network 90 / INFI 90 / Harmony system line by delivering state-of-the-art rack products that are form-fit-function compatible with previous generation rack products.

SD Series Compatibility

The HR Series product is fully compatible with the SD Series offering. Its new technology, functions and products are seamlessly and natively available for use with your rack system to meet your changing process control needs.


SD Series I/O modules are compatible with the latest HR Series rack controllers allowing for easy remote I/O expansion opportunities in existing installations.

SD Series controllers connect to existing rack I/O, seamlessly re-use previous generation control applications (without need for re-tuning or re-engineering), and preserve your control strategy documentation (by using the same S+ Engineering Composer control configuration tools).

HR Series and SD Series control networks (INFI-Net and PN800 respectively) can be seamlessly connected making resident data on either network available for use in control applications, or for display in the other system.

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