Safe and sustainable operations and maintenance for all types of turbines

Turbine sits right at the heart of a power plant. As one of the most critical assets, it requires advanced control options as well as in-depth knowledge of how to maintain it and extend its life cycle.

In the current power scenario, turbines are also requested an unprecedented level of flexibility to compensate for the electrical grid fluctuation, thus affecting its performances and lifecycle.

From turbine automation and advanced diagnostics to predictive maintenance, our solutions are designed to enable safe, smart, and sustainable operations and maintenance, preserve equipment integrity, and prevent/predict any potential disruption.

Specific for gas, steam - both utility and industrial - and hydro turbine, our tailored control & diagnostic solutions are complemented by a wide and fully integrated portfolio of excitation and synchronization equipment, electrical systems, and digital packages.

Get the industry advantage with:

  • Extensive portfolio of automation, optimization, and advanced maintenance solutions
  • In depth knowledge of all turbine types and all major manufacturers
  • Migration options from third-party DCS
  • Reliable, safe and flexible start-up
  • Predict and prevent failures
  • Avoid unplanned shutdown

In addition, you can count on ABB’s experts unparalleled knowledge across our Global Excellence Centers for rotating machines

Automation & Control

Steam turbine control

Steam turbine control solutions for utility and industrial applications include governor control, turbine and generator protection, automatic startup, rotor stress evaluation, auxiliary control, valve management, condition monitoring, auto-synchronization, excitation, frequency control, extraction control, bypass control, unit control, etc

All control and protection functions (DCS and mechanical) are included ensuring safe, reliable, and economical operations.

Gas turbine control

Starting at the heart of a combined cycle power plant or a simple cycle power plant, we can integrate your gas turbine control system into a complete plant control solution.  

Our gas turbine control solutions include fuel control, startup sequence, speed-load-temperature closed loop control, overspeed protection, anti-surge protection, generator protection, auxiliary control, condition monitoring, auto-synchronization, excitation, frequency control, etc.

Our gas turbine application experience includes peaking units, combined cycle units, remote start units, and black start units.

Hydro turbine control

Control solutions designed to be suitable for small, medium, and large hydropower generation facilities and covering all critical functions such as fast system response time and high bandwidth, as well as full compliance with IEEE and IEC standards.

Small installations can also benefit from a new tailored control + excitation solution.

Migration of third-party control systems

For owners whose turbine control systems are no longer supported or are approaching end-of-life, we have several migration paths responding to different levels of readiness and investment capability.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Data collection and analysis to determine the real-time condition of rotating equipment is essential to preserve the machine operating life and avoid costly disruptions and unplanned downtimes. 
ABB’s century old knowledge and experience with turbines has converged into multiple solutions to serve different levels of monitoring, control, and prediction of health status.

ABB Ability™ Asset Health

is an advanced digital solution that applies to the turbine and to all main plant components to control their behavior and performance against a baseline, to detect well in advance symptoms that could lead to important disruptions or even catastrophic failures.

It combines mathematical modelling and machine learning with physical-build models based on the historical behavior of each asset.

ABB Ability Asset Health allows to:

  • Capitalize on the knowledge of the operators
  • achieve more accurate diagnosis of the potential problem
  • perform timely and cost-efficient maintenance procedures.

Substantial impact on OPEX, with maintenance savings of between 15-30% achievable.

ABB Analyst

is a powerful graphical diagnostic tool that determines equipment condition analysis by providing specialized plots to present the historical vibration data and selected unit parameters, so that significant patterns and trends can be quickly recognized.

The Analyst software also includes an historian application suitable for small systems that can therefore save on a full-featured historian

The software smoothly interfaces with turbine specific hardware modules as well as with ABB’s wireless vibration sensors Wimon transmitting velocity and a temperature measurement as well as a time waveform. 

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