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Independent High Integrity

For projects where a physically and functionally segregated safety concept is desired

Able to be interfaced with any process control system, Independent HI can be used with ABB’s Freelance, ControlMaster or Symphony Plus (Harmony and Melody) systems or our heritage (Advant, MOD300) technologies as well as 3rd party control systems or PLC’s. 

In addition, connectivity is available for 3rd party process control systems, HMI software and/or process panels (i.e. ABB’s Compact 800 or Panel 800), making Independent HI the perfect SIL3 certified safety system independent of the control system technology or vendor on your site.

The Control Builder Safe 3.0 is now released with the following highlights:

Improved scalability and extended AC 800M HI controller portfolio
This release adds support for the new safety controllers, PM863 and PM857. The PM863 replaces the previous PM865 and is intended for medium sized safety applications up to 250 I/Os. The new PM863 is intended for small applications up to max 128 I/O channels.

Support for Select I/O on Ethernet
Support for Select I/O which can be connected on a network by using the CI845 module. SIL3 certified single-channel 
input and output modules for digital and analog signals are supported. 

Supported operating systems
The Control Builder Safe 3.0 release supports Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 operating systems.

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