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Symphony® Plus Historian

S+ Operations History: reaching new levels of information management

Information is a key asset in business today. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, utilities must be able to adapt quickly to change. Reduced time to decision and action is critical to improving quality and productivity. The timely collection, transformation and distribution of reliable information is a significant issue. Easy and flexible data access is essential for all operational and business decisions. All users, including operators, managers, engineers and maintenance supervisors, have unique requirements and viewing preferences for information.

S+ Operations’ integrated information management capability provides support at every organizational level to improve efficiency and profitability. S+ Operations enables viewing of real-time data and historical information simultaneously in one display. 

 Why ABB?

  • Fully redundant design and flexible architecture to accommodate customer needs
  • Intuitive modern drag and drop user interface
  • Most powerful historian server that incorporates process, as well as alarm/event data in its database
  • Integrated applications for EEMUA 191 and ISA SP 18.2 alarm management analysis


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