Symphony® Plus Historian

S+ Historian: providing a fully-integrated solution for all information management requirements at your facility.

Timely collection and distribution of data is a challenge for many information management systems. Once the data is collected, the real hurdle is presenting it in the right context, to the right people so it is meaningful and actionable. Since all operational and business decisions hinge on accurate and reliable information, it must be available to at every level of an organization. A fully integrated information management system like S+ History provides a  substantial competitive advantage by allowing organizations to quickly adapt to key factors  that affect quality, productivity, and business operations.

S+ Historian, based on ABB’s vast experience in the process industries, is designed to seamlessly integrate information from ABB,  3rd party and business systems anywhere in the plant. This aggregated information can then viewed on the same display with real-time data to provide valuable insights into plant operation. In addition all data can be easily accessed for simple reporting.

S+ Historian gives operations and plant management extraordinary clarity as well as leading edge data resolution and calculation speed.


This supports well-founded, real-time business decision making that leads to process efficiency, business profitability and a competitive edge.

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Key features

  • Integrating information from all sources
    Designed to integrate information from anywhere in the plant including cross-plant information platforms, and provides seamless integration from third-party devices, controllers and systems.
  • Historical data on demand
    S+ Historian provides the ability to view real-time data and historical information simultaneously in one display
  • Transforming data into meaningful information
    S+ Historian aggregates data from multiple sources and enables users to view it in formats that make sense for them.
  • Flexible and powerful reporting
    Reporting functions draw on all current and historical process information aggregated within the S+ Historian.
  • Superior data management
    S+ Historian provides the ability to collect and securely store business and process data from all plant sources with unique resolution.
  • Local and remote clients
    Client-server architecture allows access to S+ Historian from virtually anywhere in the world.

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