Robot Control Mate


And Add-on to RobotStudio

ABB expands RobotStudio with ability to control robots from PC. Robot Control Mate is an add-on to RobotStudio, enabling users to jog, teach and calibrate robots from their computer, making it easier than ever to control a robot’s movements. For the first time ever, ABB’s offline programming software can now be used to control the physical movements of a robot in real-time.

Available robots: IRB 910INV, IRB 1300, IRB 1100, and IRB 14050 


3 steps to get started with Robot Control Mate

Step 3
Start to jog, teach, or calibrate robots. Then you will see robot's movements in real-time.


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ABB expands RobotStudio with ability to control SCARA robots from PC

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For which robot is Robot Control Mate available?


Robot Control Mate is available for IRB 910INV, IRB 1300, IRB 1100 and IRB 14050, will be expanded to more robots in the future. 

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