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Learning made easy with ABB MyLearning

The more you know about our products and their market potential, the better you can use and gain benefit from them.

Training courses are available to give the personnel in charge of managing and maintaining your installations the necessary know-how to achieve an excellent level of operating ability.

Our courses are normally held at our Training Centers or on site , when a deeper learning, understanding, and practical experience is requested (for one or more instructors teaching one or more attendees).


It’s easy to connect to ABB MyLearning.

With one ABB account, you can access all our online training services. 

The following tutorial videos explain to you how easy it is to create an account to access ABB MyLearning.

  • How to create your MyABB account?
  • How to access ABB MyLearning from your computer?
    When your MyABB account is created, sign in at ABB MyLearning or click the direct links below which will automatically direct you to the respective training page (for the best experience use Microsoft edge or Google chrome browsers).

    Contact MyLearning Application Support for any sign up or log in issues.

    Additional training solutions and resources:

    NEW - Introducing the Basic Training videos available in ABB MyLearning

    Enroll to any of these short, non-technical training modules to learn more about ABB’s Electrification Divisions, Solutions & Market Segments. Simply click on the course link below and log into MyLearning.
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