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Level up your smart home experience

Enter a new era of smart homes with ABB at IFA 2019

Serving residents with high-end functionality in a stylish design requires constant innovation. ABB’s open API and gateways provide the possibility for true integration – with the potential to integrate hundreds of apps and solutions with ABB’s technology. Experience the future smart home with us at the IFA press conference!

ABB would like to invite you to the international press event which will take place in Berlin, Germany, on September 4th and 5th, 2019, prior to the official start of IFA consumer electronics event (September 6th to 11th, 2019).

The event will follow the theme of “Level up your smart home experience”, presenting leading connectivity solutions for increased comfort, safety and security. Forward-looking visionaries will show how to benefit from connectivity options provided by ABB’s home and building automation solutions, opening up a new level of smarter homes.

The first day of the event focuses on IFA highlights, keynotes from partners, podium discussions about trends, and a real-life example of a smart home where you can experience the next step. On the second day you will have the opportunity of face-to-face interviews of ABB’s Smart Buildings management team.



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1st Day

Date/Time    Wednesday, September 4th 2019 at 3.00 pm

Location      EUREF Campus Berlin
Address       EUREF-Campus No. 13, 10829 Berlin

2.40 pm        Arrival at the location, get-together

3.00 pm        Start of the conference

3.15 pm        The future of Smart Homes and Buildings

                        Oliver Iltisberger – Managing Director of ABB’s 
                        Smart Buildings business line

3.45 pm         IFA product and solution news

4.15 pm         Signify partner news

4.30 pm         Coffee break

5.00 pm         Voice of customers / API stories
                         Betterspace360 with K7 and University Luzern
                         with their bonacasa Avatar project

5.30 pm         Discussion on stage with ABB’s Management
                         and Partner

6.00 pm        Q&A for Journalists

7.00 pm         Networking with food & drinks

2nd Day (optional)

Date/Time    Thursday, September 5th 2019

Location        IFA areal
Address         Messe Berlin GmbH, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin



                        F2F interviews with Management of ABB’s
Smart Buildings business line
(scheduled based on your proposals,
                         possible is also the 4th after the conference)

                         Oliver Iltisberger
                         Managing Director

                         Adalbert Neumann
Head of Global Marketing and Sales

                         Alexander Grams
Head of Global Marketing, Communication
                         and UX/Product Design


4.00 pm         Sneak pre-view of
the ABB/BUSCH-JAEGER booth at the IFA

Travel to location:

By car, navigate to the address.

By public transportation, use city train S41/42 to station “Schöneberg”. From their it is a 2 minutes walking distance.

We are looking forward to see you in Berlin!

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