Resilient energy networks

The development of the energy system towards a more decentralized and integrated direction poses many challenges to the reliability of energy networks. For example, how can there be a continuous balance in the grid as energy production is decentralized and increasingly based on renewable energy sources? And how can virtual power plants be safely and stably integrated into the electricity grid, not to mention other energy grids?
ABB invites companies to partner with the Green Electrification 2035 ecosystem. Do you want to be involved in creating the future and developing new success stories? Get in touch and get involved in speeding up the green transition!  

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ABB is the leading company of the Green Electrification 2035 program, which aims to find solutions that enable rapidly growing use of renewable energy. The solutions are created in ecosystems that include research organizations as well as companies.

The five focus areas of the program are power-to-X; resilient energy networks; climate-neutral industries; smart, sustainable cities and carbon-neutral logistics. The five-year program has received funding from Business Finland.
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