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Demand from consumers for new products and more information about ingredients is driving shorter product development cycles, faster changeovers, integration across value chain and adoption of new technologies faster than ever before. At the same time, stricter regulations are driving new labeling requirements and more robust food safety practices. The scope of “sustainability” is broadening and F&B players are moving to demonstrate more than simple compliance. Some of the “key ingredients” for sustainable food and beverage operations include flexibility and reliability. Being able to fast adapt production to sudden supply and demand changes moved from need to necessity nowadays. Bringing reliability of production and delivery to new heights helps uncover hidden potential and capacity of existing operations. 

Join us for one or all of the webinars in “Reliable, flexible and sustainable Food & Beverage” to dive into specific technology examples that can drive energy efficiency, flexibility, reliability and overall sustainability of Food and Beverage operations. Learn how evolving logistic concepts can help you meet your sustainability goals, rethink your strategy to make operations and supply chain more sustainable and agile. 


Measurement made easy with digital solutions in F&B

Digital instrumentation and analyzer solutions from non-invasive sensors to simple apps can be used to lower the operating and maintenance costs in your plant. Utilizing lasers for performing level measurement on any solid or liquid gives higher reliability and less maintenance since no echo mapping is required. This is particularly useful in applications with heavy vessel build-up or sticky materials or that require mixing blades.
Energy can be determined from steam flows with the Swirl flowmeter - for installation with nearly no steadying lengths and an integrated energy calculator. Recording and control solutions give peace of mind through full remote process monitoring and early warning of costly process failures.
Discover with us the hidden potential!


Minimize physical and financial losses from unforeseen events in plant electrification

Learn how to protect continuous industrial processes and machinery from interruptions caused by unavoidable disturbances on the grid and utility networks supplying the plant. ABB’s Solutions is specifically designed for the rigors of industrial process loads, and to keep the process operating during power variation events. 


Flexible and scalable robotic solutions in fresh food logistics for future proof automation

You want to disconnect your production from customized deliverables, increase the shelf life of your fresh products, shorter the supply chain, automate the order-picking or order-dropping of your fruits & vegetables, meat products, ready meals, fish, poultry, bakery products… Our innovative architecture of modular and scalable robotic cells will help you to achieve those challenges.


Cooling towers – solution for lowering energy consumption, reducing noise and reducing TCO

In this webinar we will describe a solution that lower heavy maintenance costs at the same time as it saves energy, enhances safety and lower noise from cooling towers based on unique motor-drive combination.


Mission to Zero: the path to sustainable food production - reducing energy cost and emissions

We show with real-life examples and live demos how production sites and retail companies can save on their energy cost and emissions, reduce time for reporting and increase revenues. We present an energy management system that monitors, controls and optimizes energy flows at a single site or collection of sites. The software-based energy system can be installed on-site, at the edge, or in the cloud - platform, DCS, and SCADA independent.


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