Social cause event for children with cancer in Mexico

Since 2013, ABB has supported the Organization Aquí Nadie Se Rinde, AC. ANSER is a civil nonprofit association that helps children with cancer in Mexico. This year, Automation & Power World in Mexico will benefit this social cause.

Through ANSER, bone-marrow transplants are funded for children with cancer who need them; pediatric cancer research and training of medical staff is driven to achieve early diagnosis and successful treatment. ANSER also provides psychological support for kids and their families throughout the course of the disease. Another way to generate resources is by selling handcraft products for an additional family income. This creates better self-esteem and integration for children with cancer and their families through recreational and educational events inside and outside the hospital.

In addition, ABB conducts several philanthropic activities with the Mexican Red Cross, such as supporting Raramuris families in Coahuila, supporting urgent care units for people who need them, and the participation of our employees from all ABB facilities in Mexico in the 2015 and 2016 Mexican Red Cross fundraising national campaigns; or providing equipment for firefighters associations such as in San Luis Potosi. There we also have our largest Corporate Social Responsibility program supporting engineering education and development through the Jürgen Dormann Foundation, giving scholarships to outstanding engineering students who lack economic resources, and giving them the opportunity to complete their professional studies in educational institutions like the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosi. ABB also sponsors and provides mentoring to students who participate in robotics world events and donates technical equipment to various public institutions of higher education.

ABB has the satisfaction of having a large group of employees who support a children’s home in SLP. We work proactively and strive to deliver support with material resources such as housing and food, but also with our time, participating in educational activities, allowing children who have experienced situations of neglect or abuse to have a real home.

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