Intervarsity Innovation Challenge

Writing the Future of Digitalization and Smart Technologies

Submission Guide

Submission Guide


A. Word count restriction

Word count is between 5,000 and 7,500 words. References, tables, diagrams and appendices are not part of the word count. Appendices should be used only as appropriate, and not as a means of inserting additional text into the report.

B. Reference Style:

a. Paper size: A4

b. Spacing: 1.5 line or double spaced

c. Font: Arial 11 point or equivalent font size

d. Margins: 4.0cm on the left, 2.0cm on the right, top and bottom

e. Page numbering: Sequential throughout the whole report. This includes references and appendices

f. Layout of front page as shown below

C. Plagiarism and Collusion

  1. All project work is expected to be the original work of individuals/teams submitting it. In particular, please avoid committing either plagiarism or collusion

i. Plagiarism: plagiarism is the offence of attributing someone else’s work to your own name. If you feel it would be helpful to use another author’s own words to illustrate a point that supports your findings, please use quotation marks and clear reference to the author

ii. Collusion: collusion is the offence of submitting work as your own when it has been done jointly with another person/persons. This applies mainly for individual submission and less relevant in the case of team submission

2. ABB respects innovation work in full, and regards plagiarism and collusion offences seriously. An awarded prize or submitted project may be disqualified or withdrawn if plagiarism or collusion are subsequently discovered

Layout of Title Page

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