Occupational health and safety policy

ABB in the Philippines is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. 

We believe it is the responsibility of management and employees to create a safe work environment, such that our operations do not place our staff, our visitors, or the local community at risk. As we recognize health and safety is an integral part of all our activities, we will provide adequate resources to demonstrate our health and safety principle of “Deliver safely, on budget, on time, in full, and to the right quality”.

Our occupational health and safety policy consists of eight mandatory requirements. We are committed to:

1. Leadership and accountability
Ensure leadership at all levels so that everyone takes reasonably practicable steps to prevent incidents, injuries, and occupational diseases and illnesses.

2. Managing health and safety risks
Identify and reduce the risks inherent in work activities including new processes and product changes.

3. People
Provide training on OHS so that all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities and can perform their work safely.

4. All employees, contractors and business partners
Ensure all people comply with local legislative requirements, ABB and customers standards. Where differences exist, we will adopt the higher standard.

5. Managing change safely
Ensure that health and safety implications are identified and reviewed for any impending or proposed changes in business operations.

6. Crisis and emergency management
Establish emergency and crisis management programs to protect our people and properties.

7. Incident reporting investigation and prevention
Investigate incidents promptly to prevent recurrence.

8. Management review and reporting
Monitor and review our health and safety performance to drive continual improvement.

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