Invoicing ABB

Please ensure that invoices presented to us for payment contain the information detailed below, noting that missing or incorrect information may delay payment.
Information required
Additional Notes

Invoice date

Please use the format DD/MM/YYYY

Payment due date

Please use the format DD/MM/YYYY

Supplier invoice number

Invoice reference

This must be the ABB purchase order number and include the name of an ABB contact (first and last name)

ABB company name and address

The legal name and address of the ABB company that ordered the goods

ABB invoice address

The invoice address for any ABB UK company ordering goods is:
PO Box 238
EN11 1DY


PLEASE NOTE: The above information is for invoice/credit note processing only. All other account enquiries including statements must be addressed to the Accounts Payable team at the St Neots site address.

Shipping address.

The address to which the goods are delivered.

ABB postal address.

Address to which information like order acknowledgement is sent, please note that invoice address and postal address are NOT the same.
Please DO NOT send order acknowledgements to the PO Box address.

Supplier legal name and address.

Supplier payment terms

Invoice currency

Invoice amount

VAT amount

Suppliers registered company number

Supplier VAT number

Detail of goods and services supplied

This should match the description on the ABB Purchase Order.

Select region / language