The Race to 2050 – Achieving Net Zero

Reaching Net Zero – A guide for industry

Evidence shows our planet is getting hotter. To combat this, the 2015 Paris Agreement challenged Governments, economies and industry to reach Net Zero by 2050, meaning we add no more carbon to the atmosphere than we take away. Industry has a critical part to play in achieving Net Zero by massively reducing energy consumption.

10 guiding principles on the route to Net Zero

1. Identify ownership and responsibility

While the overall responsibility falls on everyone to contribute towards achieving Net Zero targets, at a practical level some disciplines will have a bigger role to play.

2. Opportunity is everywhere

From the air handling units in a typical HVAC system, to the electric gates welcoming traffic in and out of a facility; wherever there is a motor, there is an opportunity to improve efficiency.

3. Embrace proven technologies

Emerging technologies, and the ways in which they are utilised, may accelerate our efforts to meet climate targets.

4. Think past the initial cost

Upgrading to newer, energy efficient technology requires investment initially, however these upfront costs can be misleading.

5. Measurement is key

Having an established set of measurement metrics enables businesses to ensure their investment is providing a return.

6. Collaborate

There is an onus on every organisation, large and small, to contribute towards our collective Net Zero aims which means collaboration with others is vital.

7. Set realistic targets

Setting targets at the start of a project underpins its ongoing measurement and provides clarity over what a business is trying to achieve.

8. Keep ahead of the legislation

By understanding the different legislations and support available to an organisation, it stands to benefit and ensure compliance with the law.

9. Invest in talent

Climate change, and the challenges it creates, have encouraged a new breed of engineer.

10. Start NOW

While 2050 might seem a lifetime away, the clocking is ticking.

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