ABB now accepts invoices via e-mail.

Before you send your invoice, please review and follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure your invoice meets the standards outlined in our Supplier Guidelines.
  • Your invoice must be submitted in either .pdf or .tiff file format.  
  • Each file/attachment must contain only one invoice along with any supporting documentation.
  • Multiple files can be sent in a single e-mail. If a single invoice is sent in separate files, they will not be merged into one file.  
  • Statements or other correspondence need to be sent to your respective PO box via standard mail. They will not be forwarded if sent to the e-mail address.
  • Please do NOT include any text in the body of your e-mail (special instructions, etc.) as these are not read by the automated process that imports invoices into our system.
  • Any invoices that do not meet the above criteria will be returned to the sender's e-mail address!  
  • Please also note that ABB no longer accepts invoices via fax.
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