ACS580 UL Type 4X/IP66, 1 to 30 HP

Designed for operation in wet, washdown, and outdoor environments, 
this drive is fully sealed, providing protection against external elements

Harsh industrial environments demand products that can withstand extreme conditions. Choose the ACS580 UL Type 4X/IP66, the drive that can work in any environment, indoor or outdoor, in extreme hot or cold, and in the washdown (or dry) zone. With UL Type 4X/IP66, you stay closer to your application and can focus on what matters.

Benefits and Features

Precise, reliable control in extreme environments

The ACS580 4X offers the same performance the industry has come to expect from the ACS580 Series but designed for operation in wet, washdown, and outdoor environments. With exceptional corrosion and UV resistance, this fully sealed drive offers resiliency comparable to a stainless-steel enclosure.​

• NSF169 certified for dependable performance during standard cleaning and hose rinse-offs.​
• Chemical resistance tested to endure exposure to corrosive substances like salt spray, ammonia, chlorine, algaecides, and microbicides.​
• Optional sun shield mitigates solar impact and shields against falling debris.

Created with your application in mind

Ideal for harsh conditions within industrial sectors like Food & Beverage or Car Wash, this drive excels in applications with pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, and conveyors used in:​

• Wet and washdown areas (e.g., zone 1)​
• Cold environments down to -13 °F (-25 °C) with provisions​
• High temperature up to 122 °F (50 °C) with derating​
• Indoor/outdoor farm environments (e.g., livestock, irrigation)​

Additionally, a firmware option is offered, enabling cavitation detection and control, as well as compressor software.

Reduce system, installation & maintenance costs

Built-in fuse disconnect​:

The optional built-in UL98 lockable line disconnect (with fuses) reduces costs and simplifies installation by removing the need for a separate fuse disconnect box, all while maintaining a 100 kA SCCR.​

Easy startup, commissioning, and tuning​

Stay Bluetooth connected up to 250 ft
(75 m) away, safely out of the arc flash boundary. The standard Bluetooth panel securely connects to your smartphone or PC making it easy to start up, commission, and tune the drive with Drive Composer or Drivetune and remotely connect to ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect.​

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