Water & Wastewater Lunch and Learn Series

Get up to speed on how your specifying of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) into Water/Wastewater projects can help your clients solve their industry challenges. 

Aimed at Specifying Engineers and Consultants working with Water or Wastewater clients and projects, these sessions will improve your knowledge of variable flow control methods that require high system reliability.

Enhance your knowledge of VFDs and motors and the benefits of specifying VFDs in Water/Wastewater applications, from our team of VFD and motor experts who each has in-depth application experience within the water/wastewater industry.

You'll learn the practical application of engineering best practices that may not be found in product manuals, sales flyers, or presentations - with a focus on solutions, not products. Our experts will offer insights into hot topics and recommend solutions for common water industry problems.

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Why control the speed of a pump with a variable frequency drive?

Learn the ABCs of VFDs and how a VFD can help you control the flow at lower costs with less system maintenance costs. Learn about some problems that can be eliminated using Drives.

Thinking of sizing a VFD for your pump or aeration application?

Learn the simple guidelines and rules of thumb for drive selection to help you get it right every time. This session discusses proper sizing for variable and constant torque loads.

Achieve improved pump system performance by using pump specific VFD settings

Learn how and why to apply several pump control software features that can improve pump efficiency, reduce water main breaks, smoothly control the flow and pressure even when SCADA communication is lost and unclog a submersible pump without having to pull it.

What electrical installation best practices do you need to consider for a successful VFD project

Learn all the electrical and environmental pitfalls to avoid and recommend installation “best practices”. We will advise on proper motor cable selection, grounding and shielding, minimizing the risk of corrosive environments, and proper VFD cooling.

Tired of worrying about harmonics and meeting IEEE519?

Find freedom and learn the limitations of legacy power quality solutions and the advantages of advanced technology such as Ultra-Low Harmonic VFDs. Discover the application benefits over 18-pulse, active harmonic filters and other VFD topologies.

Emergency generators and VFDs don’t mix, is that true?

Learn how Ultra Low Harmonic VFDs gives you the freedom to size the emergency generators closer to the actual load without oversizing. You can reduce the required KVA of the generator by 50% in some cases and reduce the size of the incoming transformer by 30%.

Unseen power quality issues and what to do about them

Learn how to ensure uninterrupted pump operations when faced with the effects of, often hidden, poor utility power quality - and remain unaffected when forced to operate on emergency generator power.

How does a Variable Frequency Drive control a motor?

AC Induction motors are the workhorse of the industry, with many methods of starting and running them. Learn how Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) control and vary the speed of a motor and the advantages of VFD technology for your applications.

Presenter biographies

Larry Stanley 

Strong educational experience, learning from and teaching to the very best in the industry at regional, national and online events. ABB advocate for NFPA 70E ARC flash awareness training, IEEE-519 harmonic solutions and using VFDs to extend infrastructure life. 
Chris Dugas

More than 30 years of experience working with all aspects of low-voltage AC & DC Drives, medium-voltage AC Drives including design, application, integration, installation, servicing and troubleshooting. Strong experience with harmonic, Dv/Dt, EMI/RFI & Common Mode Filtering. 
Jeff Bergman

More than 30 years of experience working with all aspects of low-voltage AC power, MCCs, motor controls, switchgear (including electrical one-lines and pump schedules), and VFDs. Long-time member of the Hydraulic Institute,  chairing committees on training, specification, industry coordination, as well as governing regulation and industry effect. 
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