Reliable performance pairing for extruder OEMS

Whether your customers are extruding plastics or rubber materials for film, pipes, cables, or other products, you need drives and motors that maximize reliability and output quality. ABB supplies a broad portfolio of drives and motors that provide best-in-class energy efficiency, enable fast machine setup and deliver high torque right down to zero speed.

Drives and motors: better together

Reliable starting 

To overcome the friction of the material, high torque from zero speed is needed during start-up. Baldor-Reliance® RPM AC motors can deliver full torque from zero when paired with ABB ACS880 drives with Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology. 

Non-stop operation 

Your customers can depend on ABB drives and motors to keep their extruder running, day after day. 

• The ACS880 features variable speed cooling fans and conformal coated boards to increase reliability. 

• RPM AC Extruder Duty motors, with standard grounding brushes and insulated bearings (400 frames and larger), provide long bearing life due to shaft current mitigation. 

• Standard RTDs provide temperature monitoring to avoid overheating. 

High quality extruding 

ABB's DTC technology provides highly accurate speed control in either open or closed loop. This ensures that constant speed and torque can be maintained under changing torque conditions. In addition, the RPM AC is a low inertia motor, which means it responds quickly to changes. 

High efficiency 

The combination of ABB motor technology with variable speed drive control offers the highest package efficiency over the whole speed range. Compared to a conventional AC motor and drive, you can achieve a 2-4% reduction in energy consumption. As a result, the payback time for the RPM AC/ACS880 solution could be less than a year. 

We have a portfolio of services to meet your needs 

No matter where your extruders are installed or used, our wide channel partner network and global service is always local. You and your customers choose the services that fit your needs, from classroom training to customized service contracts.

Common applications

  • Extruding

Common industries

  • Plastics

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