US Workshop Repair service

From spares and repairs to upgrade and testing

ABB repairs low-voltage AC drives in its authorized drives service shops. The repair service is intended for failed drives or drive modules which can be shipped to the workshop, allowing a full repair based on comprehensive testing. In the workshop, the drive or module is repaired and tested according to the original manufacturing specification.

Recovery services

Standard repair

Replacement of failed component(s) only.

Premium repair

Replacement of failed component(s), preventive maintenance, and any additional marginal components.

Partnered solutions

Drive exchange

Exchange drives are shipped within 24 hours from order to get you back up and running efficiently, subject to availability.


Trustworthy reliability

Fully compatible with your original equipment, all exchange drives are tested according to factory specifications and come with a two-year warranty.

Planned services


Restore your drives to their original condition.

Module rotation

Restore multiple drives to their original condition.

Each service includes:

• Technical inspection
• Diagnostic and trouble shooting 
• Disassembly and cleaning as needed 
• Replacement of all defective and marginal components with genuine ABB parts 
• Re-assembly of drive back to factory specifications 
• Functional testing and operational testing 
• Drive full-load testing in 40°C environment (load testing up to 750 HP) 
• Final repair inspection 
• Updated repair detail report online in ABB’s installed Base
• Drive packaged and returned to customer 
• 12-month warranty on drive module, not just replaced components


• Flat rate repair pricing 
• Minimal customer downtime 
• Increased drive reliability 
• Extended product life 
• Genuine ABB certified parts 
• ISO- certified repair

Drive failure

Check serial number

Locate the serial number to help quick drive identification when calling in for a service quote.

Call ABB

ABB will provide you with a repair quote.

Send broken drive to ABB

Once ABB receives your drive or module, ABB will inform you of receipt of your drive.

Workshop repair

ABB repairs your drive only with genuine spare parts. If other maintenance is needed, ABB contacts you with recommendations.

Repaired drive dispatch

After a full-load test, the repaired drive is paced and dispatched back to you.

Drive is running

ABB service report

A detailed service report, including recommendations for future actions, is provided.

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