ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager for Data Centers

Today, the success of any business is closely tied to the performance of its data services. To keep up with ever-growing workloads, your data-center operations need to be 100% efficient 100% of the time. ABB AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager is bringing data centers into the future with capabilities like:

  • Real-time management of your electrical network infrastructure in a single-pane view across one or multiple sites 
  • Visualization of electrical system behavior, enabling you to ensure the continuous efficiency and reliability of your power supply
  • Predictive analytics that give you the insight and control to optimize your assets for maximum uptime 

Ensure continuous efficiency and reliability of your power supply
Visualization of electrical system behavior
Optimize your assets for maximum uptime

Individualize your ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager dashboard according to your needs

Selected widgets to keep your data center running while optimizing energy and asset performance
PUE Monitoring
PUE Trend
Latest Events
Asset page with health trend and maintenance date prediction

Widget functionality

  • Provides the real time value of the PuE calculated as a total facility incoming and outgoing

Available in:
ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager

Widget functionality

  • Provides the real time value of the DCiE calculated as the multiplicative inverse of the PuE (1/PuE)

Available in: ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager


Widget functionality

  • Every event is defined by its time, asset, and description
  • Events can be filtered by: events generated by the equipment or field devices, events generated by user’s created alerts, events related to changed asset health condition and connectivity problems events

Available in: ABB AbilityTM Asset Manager


Widget functionality

  • The asset page is available for Every equipment/device with the following information: overview (health condition and prediction if available), events, alerts conditions, maintenance activities, connectivity status, asset data, documentation and settings.
  • Typically the Overview tab offers most relevant data to analyze the condition of the equipment and get actionable insights.

Available in: ABB AbilityTM  Asset Manager


Energy management made easy


Visualize your plant data with pre-configured and customizable dashboards and share with your team


Get scheduled Excel and PDF reports with relevant site information

Energy audit

Keep your consumptions under control, enhance your efficiency and monitor your Energy Performance Indicators


Automatize your alerts to receive immediate feedback on the status of your site via email or SMS

Cost management

Check your energy consumption, customize your cost plan and visualize the relative impact on your energy bill


Monitor water, gas, heating and power consumption with one single dashboard

Asset management made easy

Asset health

Get the overall view of your assets by health condition, sort from poor to good condition, dive into the diagnostic and prognostic information

Events and notifications

Track alarms and events of your site and set notifications to the responsible personnel in order
to quickly react in case of any warnings

Asset management

Get full visibility of the installed base, from real time data to historical trends, from health analysis to future predictive insights, from documentation to device information, from events to past maintenance activities

Predictive maintenance

Plan maintenance based on suggestions generated by predictive analytics

Service activities

Schedule and track maintenance activities on assets to have full visibility on asset life and performance


Generate and schedule reports about site and assets conditions and performances


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