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Energy Manager – Building

Energy for Sustainability


How ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building brings clarity to your sustainability vision

Instant access to your building’s energy consumption figures and key variables makes energy efficiency improvements easy. With the cloud-based ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building a single, user-friendly dashboard is all you need to manage multiple sites. 

Easy-to-create reports use the site’s historical asset data to analyze KPIs and recommend energy-saving actions that move organizations towards their targets.



Integrates with Building Management Systems and local databases


Analytics cover multiple utilities with visualizations for sustainability KPIs and targets

Share scorecards for targets and forecasts

Detailed energy consumption data reports

Discover ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building
Clarity for your organization’s sustainability vision 

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Shine a light on your building’s energy consumption

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building tells you exactly how much energy your buildings are using, helping you manage day-to-day issues more effectively. 

Discover ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building and put the spotlight on energy in real estate, retail and commercial buildings.

ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager - Building edition is available in the Netherlands. 

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Building

The latest version from ABB provides the next level in energy analytics and optimization to help buildings reach sustainability targets.

Energy functionality


Comprehensive energy metering logs consumption from utility sources, such as electricity, gas, oil, water and heating, monitoring both sub-meters and main loads.

Set Targets

Set targets

Intelligent target setting factors in key variables such as weather, building occupancy and light levels.

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts

Alarms ensure users are notified when overconsumption issues arise.


Create reports

Automate custom reports for different stakeholders.

Track KPIs

Track KPIs

Stay on top of energy consumption KPIs across one or more buildings.

Visualize CO2

Visualize CO2

Convert energy figures into CO2 to monitor sustainability metrics.


ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Building

Data acquisition includes:

 Real-time consumption of electricity, water, gas, oil, heating,...

 Key variables affecting energy consumption, such as occupancy, weather

 Data integration from a range of sources, including databases, CSV files,

   Building Management Systems, BACnet and Modbus networks

ABB Ability™
Energy Manager - Building

Sustainable action for your business

Discover how ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Building embed sustainable action into the daily running of your business, with real-time energy data from lighting, HVAC, elevators, and other consumers helping you find a better balance. 

The user-friendly cloud-based platform brings together targets, data, and savings in one space, unlocking the full energy efficiency potential of your building’s systems. 

Make actions on your business’s energy and sustainability

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