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ABB AbilityTM 
Energy Manager - Matching

Win the Energy Match


Win the match between real and target consumption data

Reaching corporate energy expenditure targets is a matter of knowledge.
ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching is the new edition from ABB that helps facility managers, consultants and ESCos:

gain access to site performance data without having devices connected

benchmark with other similar buildings in the country

access investment opportunities to save energy and lower carbon footprints

advise on possible enhancements

evaluate achievable targets to improve energy efficiency

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Win your matches at first serve!

To help you discover the benefits of using ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching, we are offering energy assessment available to all users of the ABB Ability™ Energy Manager platform.

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching is available in the following countries: China, Italy, Australia, Spain, UAE, USA, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Egypt, Ireland, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Poland, Argentina

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

Smart energy use is set to be one of the greatest challenges of the coming years. Come out on top with a tool allowing you to compare real energy consumption data with possible improvement targets in order to fine-tune the changes needed to achieve them.

Win the Energy Match

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

Saving Energy means winning the match

Matching energy and the net: ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching helps ESCos to perfectly match their energy decisions with real data of the projects they’re working on.

Be updated in the field with the ABB ESCo System Program

Extremely useful for companies, designer engineers and installers responsible for the energy management of commercial spaces and industrial plants, ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching is indispensable for ESCos. This is precisely why it is the number one topic in the specific program dedicated to ESCos by ABB, where you can always find testimonials, helpful tips and useful and interesting case studies.

What is the ABB ESCo System Program?

Discover the ABB program offering ESCos access to significant advantages for their business in the Energy Management sector, and to interact with other companies and reference figures within the market.

Training offers and tangible benefits

Follow the ESCos that are already using ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching. Participate in the Masterclass and enjoy tangible benefits by registering for the program. 

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

The perfect Match to reach the top

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching is the right solution to join the perfect balance between the real energy expenditures of a building with the energy goals you have in mind.

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

Detect to be more competitive!

In a world where energy resources are more and more critical and energy costs are continuously increasing, ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching helps you define right strategies to properly enhance energy efficiency as an effective competitive factor, finding the right balance between real and expected energy consumption.

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching 
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