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ABB AbilityTM
Energy Manager - Watching

Empowering your energy management with data


Win the match between real and target consumption data

Leveraging on device connectivity, visualize real time and historical energy data of assets for facility audit.
ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching is the new edition from ABB that helps facility managers, energy managers and consultants observe energy profiles and take decisions based on real data.

visualize real time and historical trend data from your multi-utility devices

assess energy consumption for the different areas, including the one necessary for auditing processes

get quickly reports from your energy devices on consumption & generation with related cost allocation

forecast your energy profile

ensure benchmarking of data from different sites

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Added value from design to operations

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching adds value to your facilities and sites by providing clear information about consumption that makes cutting waste and improving energy efficiency simple. Facilities also benefit from lower energy bills and reductions in unplanned downtime. And it’s scalable, from a single site to a multi-facility system.

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Matching

A smart interface

Every facility has different energy needs and targets, which is why the ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching uses configurable widgets to meet the needs of your organization. And you can easily monitor data, access reports and set up alarms to access relevant result with maximized efficiency.

Energy functionality

Energy functionality

Show a group’s energy consumption across a select period and compare different groups’ energy consumption across multiple sites.

Energy functionality

Energy performances

Track specific performance trends by configuring the parameters, group, operation (Energy or Cost) and time period.

Energy functionality

Power quality

Access real-time data on parameters associated with each asset.

Energy functionality

Group peak monitoring

Ensure your site does not exceed contracted power with a total active power aggregate.

Energy functionality

Power factor

Monitor the power factor of every available asset within a defined period.

Energy functionality


Get scheduled reports with relevant site information. Fully customizable to your needs, receive reports by device group and time, with the ability to compare your data.

Energy functionality


Automate your alerts and receive immediate feedback on the status of your site via email or SMS.

Energy functionality

Power forecast

This uses advanced algorithms that learn the energy consumption patterns for a whole plant or for defined load group to identify repeating patterns and to predict power consumption for the next 24 hours.

Energy functionality

Weather forecast

The weather forecast widget gives you the site’s weather forecast for the next 48 hours or 7 days.

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching

A world of applications

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching helps you to reduce energy costs, improve your energy efficiency and manage your carbon footprint,with high flexibility of application.

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Handle multiple buildings and plants, monitor and analyze their consumptions through comprehensive benchmarking. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching allows you to have a complete picture and focus on the sites that require more attention

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Cost savings, improved productivity, environmental compliance, and others are key reasons why organizations are now measuring its environmental performance. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching supports you to monitor energy and other environmental data such as temperature, water or gas with variety of widgets and preconfigured reports

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Industrial and manufacturing companies

Comprehensively monitor energy consumption of each installation, enhance you energy efficiency and facilitate auditing processes with our digital solution. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching means you can track all your energy consumption, right down to your lines and services, supporting the identification of wastes and the development of energy efficiency cycles

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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Watching

Achieve additional service continuity with asset management

Get in touch to learn how to achieve additional potential with extension to the ABB AbilityTM Asset Manager.

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