Power and Grid

Powering Performance of Grid

The energy transition is transforming the power sector.
In that sense, Distribution Grid Utilities are facing the complex challenge of building a flexible, sustainable and resilient distribution grid that could bring a continuous supply from increasing decentralized energy resources, the need for the decarbonization, and the impact from the climate change.
In this dynamic, efficiently driven and interconnected utility ecosystems, digitalization is the key success factor to integrate and operate the increasing demand for electricity from electrical vehicle infrastructure, hydrogen production, residential and industrial heat pumps and battery storage systems.
For this, Distribution Utilities are requiring solutions and services that could guarantee the continuous grid operation while considering personal safety and the protection of assets from potential risks and vulnerabilities from inside and outside.
That is why ABB is your partner of choice, offering a wide range of solutions and services for this Distribution Grid of the future.

Gain access to ABB's full range of capabilities, built on years of knowledge and best in class expertise in the entire lifecycle including planning and design phase, engineering, system integration, control systems and power electronics installation and service together with one of broadest product and solutions portfolios. 

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