ABB Adaptive Execution™


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Advancing project execution

Our Adaptive Execution approach redefines physical and digital activities, to deliver consistent, standardized global projects, providing everything you need to achieve more with less. By integrating expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings and proven methodologies into a more evolved and flexible solution, we help minimize risk while delivering significant cost and schedule reductions. The benefits of being adaptive: 

A fundamental shift to build the right foundation

ABB Adaptive Execution provides everything you need to thrive on change—ensuring the delivery team’s ability to achieve more with less.
Early design involvement— Creates predictable schedules, reduces start-up time, streamlines engineering workflows, and minimizes risk
Standardized modularity— Leverages standardized, pre-assembled, reusable modules—pre-tested to drive efficiency, speed delivery, and reduce costs
Flexible workflows— Technology-enabled methodologies help accommodate change and drive effectiveness
Seamless integration— Project management tools unify disparate systems, provide oversight, and facilitate collaboration

The benefits of being adaptive



Setting an accurate scope and price. Providing a 360° project view.


Translating scope into an executable solution.


Maximizing team performance to achieve schedule.


Ability to change scope on the fly.


Ensuring the delivery team's ability to achieve more with less.

The earlier we get involved, the more we can help.

ABB Adaptive Execution evolves the traditional project approach to deliver results faster—even when you are facing complexity and change. And our comprehensive Plant Optimization Methodology for Battery Manufacturing transforms project execution, ensuring speed and preserving quality through decoupled, parallel tasks.

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