Distributed energy resources

Powered the natural way

PV power systems installed on commercial and industrial buildings represent distributed power generation at its best close-to-consumption point. In these systems the peak load typically coincides with maximum PV production, so that electricity demand from the distribution network can be reduced during peak daytime hours.

Even small commercial and residential PV systems are among the few power generation technologies that can be installed right at the point of consumption, regardless of the amount of energy demanded. This saves otherwise cost prohibitive infrastructure costs for cabling, transformers and switchgear.

ABB’s string inverters make it possible to cover a wide variety of design needs. The ABB MICRO inverter enables individual panel output control reducing shading and mismatching effect. It offers increased flexibility and maximizing energy harvesting thanks to ABB’s proprietary MPPT algorithm, which works at the level of each solar panel. This system offers the best alternative to the traditional string inverters. 

Main Benefits:
  • Reduced consumer dependency on the grid
  • Full flexibility with the broadest range in the market (i.e., small to large string inverters) to meet required system design
  • Avoided infrastructure costs for the utility for cabling, transformers and switchgear


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