Electrical distribution and protection

Highest reliability and safety

The energy distribution of a building is something we take for granted.  A reliable and energy efficient electrical distribution is needed to keep your building powered, so that computers, lights, heat, and more keep your business running smoothly.  

Don’t let power surges or outages interrupt your operations, leave you in the dark or even cause serious harm.   ABB offers a wide range of electrical distribution devices to protect your building from overloads, short circuits, ground or arc faults as well as meters to monitor your electricity consumption.

    ABB offers a complete assortment of products from low voltage installations up to high electrical power distribution.

  •  Fully integrated range of highly reliable, easy-to-install products and solutions 
  •  State-of-the-art materials and products to ensure high levels of quality and safety
  •  Products meet international standards and regulations


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