Room automation

Saving installation and operational costs with decentralized room automation

ABB’s room automation solutions ensure that all lighting, heating and cooling systems are operated efficiently to save operational costs.

ABB’s room automation solutions ensure that all functions in your room, such as lighting, sun-shading, heating and cooling systems are operated as efficient as possible in order to save operational costs and improve the overall space environment.
The room is automatically controlled based on ambient light and climate conditions - ensuring simplicity of operation for the occupant and less headaches for the facility manager. ABB’s portfolio features devices that can be easily installed in all areas e.g., under the floor, above the ceiling or in the consumer units/equipment themselves – providing all the functionality required to command your room environment.

  • Simple operation of the room functions
  • Reduced installation faults due to end device location in the immediate vicinity
  • Faster installation with a simplified structured wiring overview
  • Automatic control of the room environment for energy efficient operation
  • Quick identification of malfunctions in rooms
  • Simplified room maintenance
  • Cost and time savings in planning, installation and commissioning due to decentralized installation

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