Save production costs by easily and rapidly adapting your production planning

Cement Tech Talks – Webinar on demand

The webinar has taken place on December 15, 2020. Please register below to receive the recording and the materials.

On demand material

Save production costs with ABB’s Cement Production Scheduler

Are your process schedules easily adaptable and capable of dealing with the demands of a modern cement plant?

Schedule your production in the way that best suits the plants’ current objectives. One day, optimizing your energy tariffs may be your main goal, and the next it’s to increase the production of a certain cement type, all this while maintaining your overall targets on reduction of carbon emissions.

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager's Cement Production Scheduler allows you to easily adapt to changing goals and operational constraints by choosing your objectives based on certain given criteria, and review the outcome before they are set to publish for action.

  • See how you can achieve an easy life when your customer suddenly comes up with an urgent demand for a different product.
  • Learn how you can negotiate better with your energy suppliers, based on your realistic schedule plans.



Marie O’Grady-Hills
Digital Sales Manager

Sara Vidal
Product Manager



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