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Tebulo Industrial Robotics B.V.

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Address: Oudewal 27
1749 CA Warmenhuizen
Phone: +31 725 142061

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Product name Channel type
Robotics - Foundry System Integrator

Robotics - Metal Fabrication System Integrator

Robotics - Paint Process Automation System Integrator

Robotics - Robotics System Integrator

Robotics - Wood Industries System Integrator

Additional information

Tebulo Industrial Robotics is the leading and innovative specialist in high-tech robot integration. We work closely with major players in steel, aluminum and heavy industry.

With our specific expertise in R&D, engineering, assembly and commissioning, we build and maintain high-quality integrated robot applications.

Our expert and multidisciplinary teams pleasantly surprise you with their approach, advice, realization, service and aftersales.

With our flexible and high-tech solutions, you are assured of a significant improvement in safety and productivity. This allows you to capture and / or maintain a leading position in your market.

In addition, we offer sufficient support during the entire life cycle and we offer tailor-made solutions for automation problems for non-robot installations.

Sustainability and high delivery reliability are self-evident.

We are an ambitious and motivated employer and offer our team a challenging work environment with room for personal input and development. Our team consists exclusively of qualified and customer-oriented professionals who strive for the best result.

Taking responsibility and constantly improving is in their DNA.