ABB Electrical Machines Ltd.

ABB is the world-leading supplier of motors and variable speed drives. The company provides the widest range of induction and synchronous motors and generators, and inspires worldwide customer confidence with its reliable products and services, designed and built to optimize user's productivity. As a part of ABB Group's global strategy to better serve our customers, ABB Electrical Machines Ltd. has been established to produce ABB's high quality High Voltage motors locally in China. The company is founded as a wholly owned foreign enterprise. 

The new plant of ABB Electrical Machines Ltd. is designed and constructed following the latest technologies and standards from ABB's European factories. It utilizes the same state of the art production processes that ABB is renowned for worldwide. Its motors are built in accordance with the proven, advanced specifications in the 21st century. These processes and specifications include VPI, climate controlled coil manufacturing area, Micadur Compact Industry insulation system, balancing 2-pole motors at full speed - all to guarantee the superior quality. The company has also its own team of product specialists and engineers to understand local needs.

The plant was put into production at the beginning of 2006 with voltage range up to 13.8 kV and output power up to 7000 kW. The complete product range available through the new company includes HV products from 100kW to 70MVA, both locally made and imported products.

The company serves a wide range of industries, including chemical industry, oil and gas, power generation, marine, pulp & paper, cement, mining, metals and water treatment. It provides manufacturing, sales and after-sales services to the whole China’s market. 

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Company President: Hui Luo
Communications Contact: Joyce Yan

No. 380, Tianxing Rd. Minhang District, Shanghai 200245, P.R.C

Tel: +86 21 6113 7688
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