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ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd., founded in 1999,is a wholly owned enterprise of ABB with 2000 employees. The company is located in the Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone, covering a land area of 100,000 square meters. The facility consists of production and office areas of totally 72,000 square meters. ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. is one of ABB’s key local enterprises, and a major manufacturing/engineering base for industrial robots and systems (Robotics and Motion division), instrumentation (Industrial Automation division), substation automation systems (Power Grids division), and analytical systems (Industrial Automation division). ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. is one of the ABB local companies ranked among China’s top 100 electric enterprises from 2008 to 2016 in in a row.

>>>Robotics & Discrete Automation

ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd is home to ABB’s global robotics headquarters, as well as an important robotics research and development center and production base for ABB Group. The company features advanced robot production lines, and delivers complete, safe and sustainable solutions for automotive, foundry, metal fabrication, plastics, packaging and palletizing, electrical and electronic equipment industries. The company provides all kinds of robotic technical applications, including debugging, assembly, press automation, welding, material handling, machining, packaging and palletizing. ABB robotics establishes a large R&D center in Shanghai for robotic products and software development. Until now, the local R&D team has successfully developed seven new modes of robots and various applications, while over 90% of robot modes and over 90% of robotic products sold in China have been produced locally.

Shanghai ABB engineering co., LTD. excitation system as the essential components of power generators, it supply generators with steady and continual field current. Relying on the powerful and specific control panel AC800PEC, concentrated the ABB leading semiconductor technology and specific converter that ensures reliable and safe operation of the generator.

>>>Process Automation

ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. is mainly involved in five process automation business, including mining, marine and ports, control technologies and instrumentation and analyzer systems.

ABB Mining can offer comprehensive market-leading packages of ABB competencies, products and services: Electrification, automation, drives systems and optimization solutions for the complete production chain in mining and mineral processing industries. We offering total solution for hoist equipment, power control system and engineering in mining and minerals industrial.

ABB Marine & Ports is a leading manufacturer of electrical and automation solutions for the Marine and Ports market. Being a global maritime organization, ABB Marine provides innovative, reliable, safe and environmental friendly solutions and qualified services to reduce operational costs and ensure optimum vessel lifecycle for our customers. ABB Marine is widely recognized about its innovative solutions, high competence and true global presence and capability.

ABB Control Technologies mainly offers full range of products, systems (for control, safety, planning and scheduling), services and software for integrating ABB’s automation and power offerings in the process, consumer and manufacturing industries. The application of industry coverage from Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Minerals & Mining, Marine & Ports, Power industries, and other traditional industrial processes to the vertical markets such as food & beverages, life sciences and biotech, data centers, consumer and specialty chemicals, and printing, to help customers to improve productivity, safety and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the lifecycle services are provided for the installed base, the heritage systems as well as for 3rd party products in all industry verticals, to lower the total cost of ownership, while providing countless opportunities to optimize operation.

ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the production bases of ABB's global instrumentation. It provides Chinese and global market with flowmeters, pressure instruments, analytical instruments, temperature instruments, and level instruments. It is a global manufacturing and calibration center for large electromagnetic flowmeters and a global product responsibility unit for gauge pressure transmitters, vortex flowmeters, wireless products, and ultrasonic level products, boasting strong manufacturing and sourcing, sales and marketing, R&D and training, engineering and assembly, logistics and service capacities. Its products are widely applied in various major industries, such as electric power, oil & gas, chemical industry and petrochemical, pulp & paper, metal & mining, water and wastewater treatment, food & beverage and pharmacy, etc.

ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has a total turnkey analyzer systems integration capability. It can provide customers of industries such as petrochemical, natural gas, chemical and power, etc. with complete process analytical systems solutions and packaged equipment that comply with the technical specification and industry standards. Its representative product is the "Packaged Analyzer House" that is integrated by a variety of online analytical instruments and other electrical auxiliary equipment. By monitoring the component information of the gas and liquid flow in the process industry, the online analytical system effectively helps customers to improve product quality and production efficiency while ensuring the safe operation of the plant and the minimal impact on the environment.

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