Infographic: Reasons to invest in ergonomic control room design

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Why invest in control room?

Optimize every part of the process

Control room operators make hundreds of decisions every working day - decisions that have a great impact on productivity, quality, and safety. Optimizing every part of the process means considering human factors, treating operators as essential and critical part.

Operator wellbeing is key

Operator wellbeing is the key success factor for safe, productive and reliable operations. The more alert, stimulated, and harmonious operators are, the better the decisions they make.

Modern, ergonomically designed and equipped operations control centers offer the flexibility to adapt new technologies. Most importantly, human factors form a fundamental foundation of the control room solution; operators are happier, more alert, less stressed and much safer. The result is increased productivity and less downtime.

Additional benefits

What's more, smart and ergonomic planning also leads to other benefits, such as more room which opens up new possibilities, better inter-operator co-operation, and a work environment to boast with, to attract and retain skilled future operators.

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