Premium control room desk system - Alerto

Designed to meet the highest human factors demands.

Built to last

Fully featured, sturdy and versatile operator desk built to last in the toughest 24/7 environments with a motorized base in anodized aluminum and steel. The desk and its ergonomic features exceeds ISO 11064 & EEMUA 201 recommendations.

A model for any control room design

The Alerto desk system comes in a wide arrange of sizes and shapes. The sturdy base allows great flexibility, allowing heavy equipment to be mounted as part of the desk. The desk system is useable for customized designs and to facilitate special equipment.

Features for every need

This fully featured desk offers solutions to store computers or personal affects, arrange monitors, reduce noise, increase desk area, along with other technical equipment. In the end your desk will give you a space efficient solution, easy to clean and maintain.

Design made easy

We have made all models available as CAD, BIM and SketchUp models for ease of use when designing your interior. We can also assist with creating your next collaborative environment, please contact us for support.

Fully equipped for optimal performance

  • Motorized height adjustable desk, with detachable sideboards, and comfortable recessed and replaceable armrest
  • Separate motorized monitor board with monitor mounts that enable adjustable monitor angle, height, and depth
  • Dedicated hardware shelf that keeps computers of the floor and reduce cabling problems with height adjustment
  • Noise reducing back panels which reduces ambient buzz and PC noise

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