Operator Wellbeing Service (OWS)

OWS is a unique real-time digital solution for verifying and improving the wellbeing and comfort of operators in Control Room environments. Reflecting our mission to make a world of difference in industry and a world-first in the Control Room domain, OWS is your ‘high road’ to a healthier workplace for operators as well as improved plant performance and safety.

Adverse Control Room working conditions can exacerbate operator fatigue or distraction, thus maintaining optimal parameters for temperature, noise, lighting, and air quality is vitally important for long-term health and productivity.

  • What on the surface appears to be a well-functioning Control Room, with adequate physical layout and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and lighting systems, may mask the reality that environmental conditions have deteriorated over time and need improving.

  • Are you sure that your Control Room complies with all relevant requirements and recommendations of the ISO 11064 ‘Ergonomic design of control centers’ standard?

  • Outdated Control Rooms with obvious environmental flaws can make it hard to convince employees that you have their best interests at heart. The new generation of talent is more aware of and prepared to highlight these issues.

A world-first in the Control Room domain

OWS is specifically designed to manage key environmental parameters, providing live validation and verification to ensure compliance with ISO 11064 recommended ranges. Optimizing the working environment using feedback in real time not only promotes operator health and alertness, but also plant and revenue health. Supporting this effort is another great example of ABB’s commitment to safe, smart, and sustainable innovation.

OWS enables you to:

Measure and investigate live and historical air quality and noise levels
Ensure ambient lighting is up to standard
Ensure the right temperature to maintain focus and alertness
Empower each operator with personalized functions and features
Monitor environmental values across individual workstations, Control Rooms, and Sites

Key benefits include:

  • Reduces the risk of industrial downtime and losses due to human error
  • An affordable way to verify Control Rooms live up to best practices
  • Improves plant performance, revenue, and safety

OWS makes our EOW even smarter

Available as an extension to our industry-leading Extended Operator Workplace (EOW), the OWS architecture comprises two interfaces – a local PC App and a Web App. The sensors on each EOW measure and stream environmental data to the PC App, which is connected via the local network to the Web App in the cloud, providing a bird’s eye view of current and historical environmental values.

The PC App displays live measurement of light values in the immediate vicinity as well as sound levels, temperature, and CO2 levels in the entire Control Room. This empowers operators by providing immediate insight into environmental conditions and to notify managers if adjustments/improvements are required.

The PC App also provides the operator with full touch-control of the EOW, including:

  • Adjustment of EOW motorized axes and lighting capabilities
  • Program and save personal settings to the cloud
  • Access to value-added smart features

Using the Web App, managers can very easily monitor the work environment across all Control Rooms and Sites over time from just one page. Administrators can use the Web App to:

  • Manage user accounts and organize EOWs into Control Rooms and Control Rooms into Sites
  • Access historical environmental data divided by individual EOW, Control Room, and Site
  • ‘Watchdog’ visibility pinpoints where improvements are required

IMPORTANT NOTE: OWS monitors only the Control Room environment, not people or personal data, thus maintaining personal integrity.

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