"Absolutely reliable": Interview with Robert Tomasko

What were the most important criteria when choosing ABB?
Since many years we successfully use ABB's distributed control system Freelance. Everything has worked properly, so there were no reasons to change that.

How would you characterize the collaboration with ABB?
ABB exactly knows our needs. On both sides there are permanent contacts who know each other and solve project tasks together and with confidence.

What to you appreciate most with Freelance? 
On the one hand, the high reliability, on the other hand the seamless scalability, that helps to easily integrate new installations into the existing control system. In addition, the visualization of the processes in the operator interface is perfectly suited for us. For example, we can quickly detect and locate deviations in energy production by using plant-specific alarm pages. 
Robert Tomasko, head of district heat generation FHW Neukölln

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