Freelance Operations

Freelance Operations, also known as DigiVis, is the standard operator interface or HMI for the Freelance DCS. It meets all standard requirements relating to process operation at an attractive price.

The Freelance Operations, the HMI for the Freelance DCS, is based on Microsoft Windows as a graphical user interface. It enhances the ease of use and the performance of process operation. Amongst other things, Freelance Operations offers the following HMI options:
  • Clearly structured faceplates for operator interventions, which can also be combined as required in group displays
  • Trend displays including historical data and long-term archiving
  • Alarm pages for specific plant areas, sequence control
  • Displays, shift logs, event logs and data archiving

HMI configuration is fully integrated in Freelance Engineering, which saves engineering effort.


Technical Data
  • Clearly structured information hierarchy
  • A large number of pre-engineered displays
  • Rapid and secure action in case of process alarms
  • Extended field device diagnostics
  • Clearly arranged display of messages and operator hints
  • Available in many languages: English, Chinese, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, French, Czech, Portuguese
  • Dual-monitor operation
  • A Freelance Operation Lite license is available at an attractive price (suitable for smaller applications)
Freelance Operations - Technical Data
Available pre-configured displays
  • Overview display
  • Group display
  • Faceplate
  • Sequential Function Cart (SFC) display
  • Time scheduler display
  • Trend display
  • Web display
  • Message list and operator hint list
  • Logs
  • System display for hardware diagnostics
Freelance Operations - System Requirements
Hard disk for installation 500 MB disk space
Hard disk for operation >= 2 GB disk space
Recommended for archiving
>= 80 GB (depending on configuration)
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Speed >= 3 GHz
Ethernet card with supported interface
10/100 MBit

Graphics card for dual monitor operation
Matrox Millenium P690
Multi-display fiber-optic remote graphics unit Matrox Extio2 2208  
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