US chemical company increases system and process performance with ABB System 800xA Performance Service


The chemical plant produces numerous chemicals for consumer products that must be accurately processed. In this complex operation, the control system must perform at optimum levels, making it critical that system settings and parameters are configured according to industry best practices and standards.

Monitor and control system settings

The chemical plant, one of the largest in the United States, produces an especially wide range of chemicals used in consumer products. Since the chemicals could be problematic or even hazardous if not used as intended, it is essential that each is correctly processed and tracked. To maintain needed accuracy, control system settings must be monitored as often as possible and compared to ABB best practices and standards. Additionally, system software has to be continuously updated with the newest releases.

Plant managers decided to take preventive actions to ensure that system configuration and parameters are accurately monitored by investing in ABB System 800xA Performance Services powered by ServicePort. System 800xA Performance Services automatically identify system parameters that are not optimized. When the parameters are set in an optimal way, system usability and performance efficiencies increase, and functional and security risks are reduced.


  • Quickly identify opportunities to improve System 800xA performance and mitigate potential production or quality issues
  • Augment onsite resources to maintain the 800xA system
  • Prioritize opportunities to ensure system availability
  • Continually gather and assess system data to understand trends that may affect performance

ABB Solution

The facility chose System 800xA Performance Services powered by ServicePort to quickly and automatically identify any possible irregularities so the site could improve system and process performance, and mitigate against issues that might interrupt performance.

Delivery of System 800xA Performance Services is supported by the ABB ServicePort Service Delivery Platform, a secure, remote-enabled tool providing automatic data gathering and analysis to customers and ABB personnel. System 800xA Performance Services identify, classify and prioritize opportunities to improve system performance.

ABB installed ServicePort with the System 800xA Performance Service channel. Company personnel immediately began using it daily to monitor system software, and were able to make more informed decisions relative to changes to configurations.

System 800xA Performance Services use information collected via the ServicePort during scheduled and on-demand analyses of system data, and compares current system performance against best practices and standards to find performance improvement opportunities. This comparison also identifies potential issues to address to help improve system reliability and availability.

System 800xA Performance Services’ proactive data analysis reduces the time and effort needed to identify software, hardware, system and network performance issues. Users view the categorized and prioritized issues easily through the ServicePort Explorer real-time interface, and identify actions to improve performance.

Main facts

Industry Chemicals
Customer Large Chemical plant
Country U.S.A.
  • The plant chose System 800xA Performance Services powered by ServicePort to quickly identify any possible irregularities so the site could improve system and process performance, and mitigate against issues that might interrupt performance.
  • Higher customer confidence in system and process performance, product quality, and control system health through quick identification of system optimization opportunities
  • Increased customer convenience by reducing time and cost of manual identification
  • Increased ease of use by providing both on-site and remote service delivery
  • Higher assurance of site security by quickly updating software to mitigate potential risk


Plant managers wanted to use 800xA Performance Services to ensure system software is continuously updated with the newest releases. The ABB service team provided both remote and on-site services to help the customer maintain its software updates. Customer and ABB personnel use ServicePort Explorer in the plant to view data and trends to address issues, and can even view data off-site.

After just two months of use, the customer decided that the ABB 800xA Performance Services powered by ServicePort were so effective that company managers asked ABB to provide additional services to help them ensure product quality.

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